Saturday, June 09, 2012

Mentioned some Garands coming home the other day,

here's the story.
Up to 87,000 South Korean M1 Garands Coming Home
The importation of as many as 87,000 M1 Garands gathering dust in South Korean storage may soon get the green light for importation to the US. Special thanks is due to Montana Senator John Tester and Representative Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming who introduced legislation to prevent the US government from interfering with the importation of US-made guns that were previously exported to other countries. In the face of this pressure, the State Department will no longer prohibit the exportation of these M1 Garands back to the US.
No, it shouldn't have taken introducing legislation to force this; Hillary Clinton's running the State Department and Obama's in the White House, so what do you expect?


Kevin said...

But we don't get the over 100,000 M1 carbines. They have "large magazine capacity" and are thus too dangerous for us to have.

Firehand said...

Yeah. Effing morons.