Sunday, December 02, 2012

Well, yeah, it'd make more sense and save people engine damage,

but if they stop pushing it, how will they pay off the corn lobby and make the "You shouldn't have a car anyway" enviroweenies happy?

I'm sure some people I know will laugh at it; but when a group like the Muslim Brotherhood is in charge, this does mean something:
Omissions of certain articles, such as bans on slavery or promises to adhere to international rights treaties, were equally worrying to critics of the new draft, who pulled out from the panel before the vote.

 And if this crap with FEMA were happening with a Stupid Party president, the press would be covering every detail.
But, it's a Evil Party president, so...

Another thought about that wonderful NHS crap I noted the other day: They want these babies and teenagers dead, so they opt to make them die of thirst.  So, do they just not have the balls to flat-out kill them with a shot of some drug, or does it make these bastards feel better about it to 'let them die naturally'?
Which makes me wonder when some medical practitioners are going to start disappearing, or turning up dead, as more people realize what they were talked into.
Which, be it noted, will be kind of sad.  Especially if they skip the bureaucrats.


Anonymous said...

You should have underlined the part about the bureaucrats. And put it in bold. Large type.

Oh, and maybe you should have mentioned the politicians who gave that power to the bureaucrats.

Windy Wilson said...

Unfortunately the bureaucrats are not only faceless, but anonymous.
It makes it very hard for people on the outs to give them their appropriate consequences for murder.

markm said...

Following the FEMA link, I noticed several comments to the effect that the government is only good at death and taxes. However, it's not good at those, either. You probably know about how the IRS cannot even agree internally about how to interpret the regulations, but I know of an obscure state of Michigan agency that can't even figure out how to mail out bills when it knows your address and how much you owe. I've served in the military, and worked for a defense contractor; military services are less effed-up than the IRS or other long-standing bureaucracies that never had to worry about being *killed* on the job, but that still leaves plenty of room for effing up.

The only reason you might think the government does well at killing and taxing: there are no efficient private enterprises in the same fields to show just how poor government performance is. The closest equivalents are gangs and individual criminals, but you can’t run an efficient enterprise when your labor force consists mainly of guys who either couldn’t hold down a McDonald’s job or are flat-out crazy. It's hard to control costs and collect revenue when your whole labor force are thieves. And teamwork suffers when you have good reason to think your teammates are just waiting for the chance to knife you and the others in the back.