Thursday, December 06, 2012

How's that Arab Spring looking now?

And we're to blame, of course.
Syrian mujahid: We will move on. When, Allah willing, we cleanse Syria, we won’t stop there. We will continue to the Shebaa Farms and Kafr Shuba, and we will pass through the Golan Heights all the way to Jerusalem. And then…
Other Syrian mujahid: All the way to Persia.
Syrian mujahid: Then we will make an about-turn, cleanse Iraq, where there is still some filth. After we are done with Iraq, we will move on to Constantinople, and then Cordoba and Andalusia. That’s it. Now that we have weapons, we don’t intend to ever lay them down.
And, let's not forget, if they win they'll have the chemical weapons Syria holds.  And who knows what else, when you include the stuff smuggled out of Iraq before the invasion.

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Windy Wilson said...

This Arab Spring is starting to look like the one Rachel Carson wrote about.