Thursday, December 06, 2012

I'm stea- ah, borrowing Robb's post

because it is awesome:
Bobby, let me tell you a little story. When I was nineteen years old, my job in the Marine Corps was Fire Control – aka if you could pull a trigger and have a happy BOOM result from it, I was responsible for ensuring it functioned properly. So as a young, nineteen year male, even younger and more prone to impulses, the USMC trusted me not only to sit in the cockpit of a fully armed (700 rounds of 20mm depleted uranium + 8 T.O.W. missiles) Cobra helicopter, but did so knowing I could activate and fire the entire payload.

What set me apart from the people you are discussing is that the USMC isn’t an organization that cottons thugs like the NFL does. No amount of armament in my hands was ever a threat to anyone. These people you are talking about are dangerous to others with their bare fists and nothing else.

It’s not the caliber of the gun in the hand of the person, it’s the caliber of the person holding the gun. Or knife. Or sap. Or stick.

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