Wednesday, December 05, 2012

If you have kids or grandkids in school in Californicated,

here's what the teachers union is doing.  Wonderful, isn't it?

And the UN makes another try to control the 'net; for the Good Of All, of course:
...ranging from changes to the way web addresses like ".com" are distributed to charging websites for sending information (for example, a company like Google or Amazon could be required to pay cable companies a charge every time someone used their site.) “[Proposals] on content review and on pricing the transfer of content, which would essentially tax the Internet… we are actively opposing those,” Kramer said.
Etc.  Can't have a free exchange of information without someone, ah, 'overseeing' it, now can we? People might read and say things not to the international good... I admit, seeing the clowns who run Google being told they'll lose money every time they operate has a certain delight, considering the crap they've been involved in over time('Don't be evil' my ass).

Let's see, if you're of conservative/libertarian bent, you're supposed to support the Republican Party why?
I guess people like me, and the reps they vote for, were disturbing Boehner while he was planning how to surrender or something.

Speaking of,

Human Rights Watch: "Genocide is bad.  But we don't want to talk about it when it involves muslims killing Jews."

"We voted for you, now give us other peoples' money!"

Anything to keep someone from being able to own arms; and this way they get to crap on veterans, too.

What else would we expect from the sorry excuses for reporters known as 'journalists'?
Now they tell us. In the crucial last few weeks before the election, the mainstream media were falling over themselves painting a rosy economic picture. Every upbeat bit of data made it to the front page; any bad news got buried.
And it’s not just burying bad news about the economy: “Yes, all those people coming out of the woodwork now to complain about drone strikes, interrogation, warrantless spying, indefinite detention, etc. could have been talking about this stuff in September. But they didn’t.”

Our body armor plates are being made in the PRC...
God, I hope they're testing the damn things before issue.


Windy Wilson said...

Isn't Genocide all ready defined so as it includes everything but real genocide and anyone except Jews? I seem to recall the UN definition being strange in that regard. . .

skidmark said...

They are not journalists. "Reportologists" comes about as close as I care to get in a SFW/Family Friendly place to describing what they are.

stay safe.