Tuesday, December 04, 2012

If the TSA is dead, we need to cut off the head,

stake the body and bury both at a crossroads.
Just to be sure.
And it shouldn't be 'dead as we know it'; it should be DEAD AND GONE.

Of COURSE he is:
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is asking the federal government to reimburse the state for 100 percent of emergency costs for at least 90 days after Superstorm Sandy swept ashore on October 29.

Ah, the NYEffingPD: blow the whistle on police corruption, get sent to a psych ward.  And the DA says it's not a problem.
 From Tam, Keep the Schoolcraft case in mind when people are encouraging more proactive government intervention in mental health. I don't mean to go all Godwinski, but you know who had a really good system of state mental health facilities? The Soviet Union, that's who. They were really good at diagnosing disagreewiththegovernmentosis.

Amidst concerns by police union officials and two academics that such downgrading of crimes was city-wide, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly announced in January, 2011, the appointment of a blue-ribbon fact-finding committee composed of three former prosecutors.
Although Kelly promised a report within three to six months, none has been produced nearly two years later

 Why Lost Angeles sucks.
'Urban Taco Fabricator'?  Really?

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