Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Range day

And I did manage not to embarrass myself too badly.  Just general practice.

Big thing to note is the guy with the M&P I'd fired was there again, and he'd installed the Apex Duty/Carry kit.*  I asked if it really made a difference and he handed me the pistol and a magazine.

Have you read any of the comments from, say, Tam or Robb about this?  If you have, they're right.  Man, what a difference!  The trigger was lighter, and had a definite break-point instead of the 'somewhere around here' of the original parts.  And, with the original I'd noticed(with some dry-firing) that the gun tended to torque to the right just as the trigger broke; that's gone, too.

Have to say, if I got one of these pistols I'd get the kit soon as could, it's worth it.

*The kit comes with a heavier trigger return spring; he'd left the original in to try it out first.  According to what I'm reading the new spring would increase the trigger pull by about a pound; clean as it breaks now, I don't see that as being a problem.

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