Tuesday, December 18, 2012

If you believe ANYTHING coming from the NYEffingTimes

without checking every detail, you're a fool.  Or a willing dupe.
The NYT is not “perpetuating myths,” it is consciously and knowlingly lying with malice aforethought in an effort to push through various gun ban and confiscation laws which it greatly desires.
To pretend that they are making error in good conscience is the myth that needs to be destroyed here. None of the facts Carney so painstakingly lays out here – and this is only the ten thousandth, or ten millionth, time these facts have been carefully and publicly, pointed out – are hard to come by. In fact, if you are honest, they are impossible to avoid.
The NYT is not honest. It knows full well the truth of the matter, and it knows full well that it tells lies rather than the truth.

Liberal 'courage' from a college professor(Erik Loomis is the clowns name):
Blame someone for something they didn't do, and call for their death.
Insult people who repeat your statement.
Claim you didn't mean what you wrote("Death isn't necessary, imprisonment for life is").
Talk about how brave you are for facing the 'right-wing intimidation effort'.

You know that saying "When seconds count, the police are minutes away"?
“Police and other first responders arrived on scene about 20 minutes after the first calls.”
 Too much distance, too many things going on; I've spent most of my life around LE, working with/around cops.  Most are good people doing the job, but you cannot count on them being right there when you call for help.

Clinton claims she can’t testify for Congress on Thursday because she fell down over the weekend and got a concussion. Maybe so, but thus far no one’s seen a medical report. What’s more, it’s the second time Clinton has put off crucial congressional testimony about the murder of a U.S. ambassador and three other U.S. officials by Islamist terrorists in Benghazi, Libya, last Sept. 11. The previous time, she had more pressing business, tasting wine in Australia and checking up on East Timor.
It looks like avoidance of responsibility to preserve her own political viability.

On the "Why are gun bigots, hoplophobes and Democrats so violent?" front,
On Sunday, we reported that liberals on Twitter called for the murder of NRA members. One of those making the calls was identified Sunday as John Cobarruvias, a blogger, Democratic precinct chairman in the Houston area and a member of the Texas Democratic Executive Committee.
“Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?”
he tweeted.

After reading about the tweets on another site, Yvonne Larsen noticed a familiar name.
“Among the selection of tweets advocating for the murder of NRA President Keene and all NRA members was a name familiar to me; probably familiar to many readers of Houston’s Liberal blog sites,” she wrote at Big Jolly Politics.
Larsen said she “pasted a screen shot from the Freedom’s Outpost story in case NASA employee and Democrat Precinct 699 Chair John Cobarruvias of the Houstonblog Bay Area Houston tries to delete his tweet.”

 Yeah, it's an uphill climb.  Couple of days ago a couple of guys, one from England, one Ireland, insisted how peaceful and non-violent it is over there with handguns banned, etc.  So I posted links to Brit news sites talking about the huge rises in violent crime in general and crimes involving firearms(up to and including subguns and grenades, let us remember).  The response?  "I don't think we have a problem."  "That stuff happens in America, do you know how bad you look to the rest of the world?"  Etc.  Screw the facts presented, "I don't believe it."

Oh, and I was informed that being unwilling to agree with them and calling them on the matters was being insulting, starting a slagging match*, etc.

*I had to look it up.

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