Wednesday, December 19, 2012

While at the doctor for my annual violation

this took place:
Doc, at end of some questions: "And do you have your guns secured?"
Me: "I'd say that's nobody's business."
Doc, with slightly-surprised look: "Ok, I'll put down 'Prefers not to answer.' " Saw my look, "The AMA wants us to ask this."
Me: "The AMA can kiss my ass."
Doc: "Well, I won't put it that way."
Me: "Send them a note with it put that way, with my name on it!  I don't mind."
Doc: "I know you don't."

To anyone from the AMA who might read this, I'll repeat: you can kiss my ass.  You need to worry about things like actual health matters and bad docs, not screwing with people's ownership of arms.

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