Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ok, dumbass, your ability to equate adults

and firearms to kids and rocks is both amazing, and insulting.
Second only to your building of strawmen.

B: as Tam once said, "Go piss on an electric fence, hippie."

I should note: the friend who found this also had the link to the original post; I think some of the comments actually drained brain cells out of my skull.  That level of stupid, it hurts.


Bob S. said...

And lady the solution isn't to try to ban all rocks either !!!

Nor is the solution to make every child go through a psych exam.

And lastly, the solution definitely isn't to make it illegal for the struck kid not to fight back.

Sigivald said...

They really, really do not understand either the world they live on or what "the other side" actually believes (in the majority; I suspect there's some nutter or other who might think the solution IS for every kid to have a rock*).

(* I give them the benefit of not asserting that Their Entire Side believes whatever the craziest one I can find does.

They, of course, do not return the favor, but I keep doing it because it's the right thing to do.)

Windy Wilson said...

She is likely to also belive that where one nation or a group of nations has an atom bomb the way to safety is to make sure every nation has one, including the ones run by madmen who are eager for martyrdom.