Saturday, December 22, 2012

Speaking of tyrant wannabes, we have the Mayor of Chicago:

To wit: Although there are no gun shops in Chicago, a top mayoral source tells Sneed that Rahm has ordered Police Supt. Garry McCarthy and the city corporation counsel’s office to begin using the “city’s own authority” to stem such gun sales by shops outside the city.
Go ahead; I want to see just how much the city of Chicago, the police and you are sued for. And I tend to think claiming immunity won't work; let's see, knowingly ordering police to go OUTSIDE THEIR JURISDICTION to arrest people?
I can hear lawyers licking their chops at the idea of going to court over that kind of crap. 

These people really are corrupt power-grabbers, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm -doesn't that sound 'vaguely' familiar - as in the 'tactics' that bloomie has routinely used as part of his maig group???

Dan said...

Problem is that in most jurisdictions LEO are certified as
peace officers at a state level and their authority is good ANYWHERE in the state.