Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So Obama is crying about the children, while his minions

were doing this:
A gun that “may have been purchased by” the Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm’s Phoenix Field Division has turned up at the scene of a cartel shootout in Mexico, Ranking Senate Judiciary Committee Member Charles E. Grassley told Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz in a letter today.
In a follow-up to Grassley’s letter, Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News confirmed “that an FN Herstal pistol recovered near the crime scene in November was originally purchased by … Gillett. “Gillett acknowledged he once owned the weapon in question, but says he sold it in Phoenix sometime last year after advertising it on the Internet,” Attkisson wrote, adding “He declined to provide the name of the man who bought it…”
Additionally, in a much-overlooked story from years earlier, “street agent” Gillett had been tied to another “gunwalking”-type operation in Minneapolis, where “more than 150 guns flow[ed] into the Twin Cities underworld” during the Clinton administration.
 Have to wonder, is anything on all this in the documents Holder refused to turn over and Obama wants sealed under executive privilege?

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Windy Wilson said...

“may have been purchased by”?
This next election has to be a zero tolerance, zero incumbent election, the old boy network has to end, no self-respecting prosecutor worth so much as a bucket of warm spit (and, like John Nance Garner, I don't mean spit) would have been on that answer like white on rice, or spit on a dental instrument. Our Congressional representatives have to develop a backbone or we have to retire them ASAP.