Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let's remember, while Bloomberg & Co. are lecturing us

about the need to be unarmed(while surrounded by police and private armed guards), Bloomberg is the jerk who told the elderly to turn off their a/c during a bloody hot summer because 'the room will cool down quickly when you turn it back on', while he had city employees build a frame in which to mount a room a/c so it could be set up in his cars' window, because 'Mayor Bloomberg doesn't like getting into a hot car.'

And then you get to his hypocrisy on food, while he stuffs himself on what he lectures others not to eat.

And note that bit in the first food link, public safety people being laid off, but Hizzoner adds cooks to the mansion payroll.

That anyone listens to this hypocritical little socialist at all is due to the media and a bunch of nanny-state jerks who love having a billionaire mayor pushing their line.


Luton Ian said...

I've put a pile of links re;School shooting into the comment string over at Oz Boy's place

He's promising us a gun control post sometime in the new year.

Marja said...

About local responses to that school shooting: I just came from a store where I saw the headlines in one of our versions of the yellow press. I don't remember it word for word, but it asked if this would mean tightening of your gun laws, and that people are demanding tighter laws from Obama. The gist in the few stories I have read is, more or less, how horrible (but what can you expect in such an unenlightened country, many of them don't even want to listen to their current saintly president...). Of course not said straight out, but the general impressions tend towards something like that. Lots of talk how easy it is to get guns there, how much resistance there is towards tighter laws, some speculations how to prevent things like that happening which always end with the idea that tighter laws would be smart...

Mostly I right now try to avoid local news about that shooting. Getting pissed won't accomplish anything. And I have some problems with high blood pressure as it is.

Stay sharp there.

Luton Ian said...

There's a very different take over at Mises Daily:

Get the state the hell out of education

State education notably fails to educate kids

It also fails to keep safe the kids which it pretty much forces to be there in huge numbers.

Guns are not the problem, the state is, and in this case, specifically state education is.