Thursday, December 20, 2012

Can't remember where I ran across this link the other day,

but it's interesting.  Short version:
Most cops & troops think Obama would be a fool to sign an executive order banning anything.
Most say not only would they not enforce a confiscation order, they wouldn't register or turn in their own.
Overall opinion: fastest way to stop a mass-shooter is a honest citizen with a gun.
Actually attempting forced confiscation would ignite a civil war in much of the country.

His ending is 'maybe Obama WANTS a civil war, to give himself dictatorial powers and have the UN send in troops for 'humanitarian' reasons.'
General opinionating by me: Well, if he really was that idiotic, just how many UN troops would want to put on their blue hats or helmets and start trying to 'pacify' the US?  Assuming they'd be allowed in(just how much havoc could a few trained people cause to ships or aircraft bringing them in, for instance?)
And how many would survive?
I doubt very much that he's that stupid(some of his nutcase socialist followers might well be).  And I really don't think the UN would have much luck in gathering up forces to move into the US(outside, say, NYEffing City, for instance), and those who did just might have a change of opinion after a while(ever read Freehold? Imagine the UN in that story without any logistical or tech advantage. And outnumbered)


Grayson said...

Bulls-eyed the target again, Firehand.
As usual.
I actually believe, given the opportunity, that any and all U.N. troops imported to the United States to try enforcing a gun ban, would surrender and request political asylum the first chance they got.
Speaking of books written by Mike Williamson, there isn't a single one to be found in any used bookstore for a 20 mile radius around my home.
I consider that to be a GOOD sign.

By the way, glad to hear your lad is back safe from the 'Stan.

Keep hammering.

P.S. I quietly and humbly offer my apolagy for my earlier atrocious pun re: Scotsman and Blonde.
Please don't get all choked up about it....

Anonymous said...

Considering the inability of most of the 49 nations involved in the coalition in AFG to actually fulfill the #'s of troops and equipment that they agreed, the odds of any of them deploying to the US mighty slim. Glad your son is home safe on mid-tour, tell him 5 and 25.