Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One of the little exchanges on Facebook* the last few days

 included this.  Backstory: in response to various "Don't you care about the children?" and "It only happens in the US!" and "We don't have a violence problem here!" from someone in (fG)Britain I'd posted some links to Brit news sites talking about the huge increases in violent crime in general and crimes involving firearms in particular
 I dont think britan has a serious gun problem at all, nor here in ireland, but we dont have a gun culture here, i have been to america many times and i know for a fact that the rest of the world thinks america has all these shootings because there are too many guns floating around plain and simple. Sorry..i know its a sensitive subject with some of you but thats just most peoples veiw over this side.

My response:
On the primary there, to put it bluntly, I don't give a rats back end what 'the rest of the world' thinks.
Second, ignore the links, ignore the information, go ahead; it doesn't change the facts.

Britain once had a gun culture; your government worked hard to eradicate it, and they've mostly succeeded; along with making self-defense pretty much a crime for which you can go to jail; why in the name of any deity you might care about would we want to follow you down that path? As to 'the rest of the world', does that include all the countries with violent crime rates that dwarf ours? Governments that rule, instead of being ruled by the people? The UN that wants the commoners disarmed because it'll make them easier to give orders to? There are reasons that a lot of us tell 'the rest of the world' to go take a flying leap, and this is just one of them.

That right to arms we defend, our views on it, started from English common law(that which your government has trashed in many respects); that you've given it up, to me, does not say good things about you.

Which wound up leading to 
 Aw for fucks sakes dude. Gimme the excuse for killing innocent kids. It's always in the states! There is no excuse. NONE!
 Which rather pissed me off:
Ok, I'm a bit tired of being polite: where the effing HE#LL do you see me making an excuse for ANY MURDER, you clown?
And, again, you ignore the mass shootings and other killings in Europe, in Finland, in China and other countries; 'always in the states' my ass.

 Which caused him to accuse me of making it a slanging match, followed by
Do you cry cos most of us are deeply touched by these murders

 I read that, and came within a fraction of telling this simpleminded bastard exactly what I thought of him.  In detail.  With full use of Language Practice.  
Instead, I kept it clean but did tell him- in polite terms- what I thought of that crap and his thought processes.

While back I decided I was going to stop being nice about such garbage; I'd keep the language in bounds but I would no longer give any ground to seem nice, or 'reasonable' by their definition.  
It really pisses them off.

*I know.  But it does let me keep in touch with some people.  And piss off some who need it.


Anonymous said...

Amen brother, amen. Always stay civil but call out their stupidity. The only way to make them think is to use their arguing strategy against them.


Luton Ian said...

Check out the Mises daily article, pointing out the lunacy of the state forcing kids into its indoctrination camps (which singularly fail to teach them to read or write),

and refusing to eithr protect them or to allow the parents or teachers to defend them either.

If anything this shooting should lead to the ending of the failed social engineering called "state education"

Luton Ian said...


Check out the death tolls when things like this happen in Britain (frequency is roughly the same about one per 60 million individuals per decade) but the death toll is way higher in Britain

Firehand said...

Ian, do you have any links on that?

Windy Wilson said...

The feeling,unthinking Leftists always accuse those who want solutions that really work of being unfeeling. It is an absolute tragedy, no talking of crisis solutions that feel good but won't work will change that. It is however necessary to not politicize the situation by jumping onto solutions that don't work but will make everything else worse. An analogy is first aid measures in the case of a suspected stroke. Quick action is needed, but two aspirin for the headache is not part of that quick action, even though it is quick, easy, cheap, and recognized by millions as a good solution for a headache, and if you guess right, has a chance to reduce incidence of paralysis in stroke victims. It is a preeminently bad idea, though, particularly when one considers that 15% of strokes are hemorrhagic strokes, and the aspirin in those cases WILL kill.

But who cares about facts when you can get feelings and self esteem on your side?
Smug, willfully ignorant Brit! (I assume you were sparring with such as that).

Firehand said...

This one from England, another from Ireland.

Luton Ian said...

This link is to the wiki page covering the school shooting at Dunblane in 97

The first paragraph has links to the other big British multiple public shootings, Hungerford, and Cumbria.