Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tab clearing

while waiting for the barrel to soak, after having stripped the slide to check EVERYTHING:
A picture of a Kerry bog slide
That's a big piece of territory on the move

However, the reality is that we would have a far safer society if “Only The Criminals Had Guns.”
Fair warning: I think I lost some brain cells just reading the piece he links to; more on that later after the daze lifts

Found by Uncle: Salami for the troops

Clinton's State Department A: doesn't have answers(that they're willing to give) and B: REALLY doesn't like being asked the questions.

Yes, I also think Romney sucks in some ways: THIS is part of what you'll be helping to elect if you sit the election out.
Note Axelrod has the standard attitude: "This didn't work, so we need to do it harder and MORE!"

Gun Culture 2.0: last times I've been to the range I saw women, families- kids and all- and people of assorted colors; a very good sign that we're winning.  Endangered by the above link.

Anti-gun fundamentalists; it does seem to fit

Why should civilians own military-grade weapons and be proficient in their use? To make sure the various governments of the United States (federal, state, or local) face the credible threat of lethal force from the civilian population, so that there will cannot be the wholesale slaughter of innocents by the government on these shores.

This need didn’t end in 1781 when Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, or in 1865 when Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox, or in 1946 when the McMinn County Sheriff’s Department surrendered in Athens, Tennessee.

As long as men dream of lording over other men, civilians must have military-grade small arms.

"Oh no you don't!"
(dammit, effing Blogger keeps not adding videos, if I can find the thing again I'll try to add it in)

And last, they don't mind Obama not saluting the flag, but think you should pledge yourself to him

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Luton Ian said...

Here's the coordinates for the bridge on google earth

Lat: 52°18'43.26"N

long: 9°34'39.45"W

the 2010 imagery is best, even though it's in black and white, the actual peat failure is on the south side of the valley,a klick or more west of the bridge, the bit in the picture is what the flow left behind in the valley.