Monday, September 24, 2012

The Guitar Saga, Post V: First, the hangers work

Second, getting the bridge masked was a pain; lots of curves, and that kind of tape doesn't flex or stretch.

Speaking of which, masked and what the body looks like sanded

Here's what the upper side and back looked like before I started:
 I had not realized how much the old finish had clouded, never mind the separating.

 Here's the hanger system
Stiff wire bent so one end goes into the amp socket(taped over to protect the innards), 550 cord from it over a frame piece, then to the neck.  Lets me rotate it all around for spraying.  Please ignore all the crap on the shelves in the background.

And yes, I did wear a mask for spraying.  Bought it a few years back, mostly for dust but the filter cartridges are rated for paint & varnish.  VERY happily; couldn't smell the stuff at all while spraying, but after had stepped outside and taken the mask off, stuck my head back in to check things and the smell of varnish was, I'll go with 'strong'.  If you weren't already aware, if you're going to be spraying a nitrocellulose varnish like this, do not do it without breathing protection.  I was also wearing pants, a long-sleeve shirt, one of my 'keep the crap off my head' covers and the mask.  Also, I used my spray paint handle(something like this one) on the can.

On the handle, I've been switching that between brake cleaner and chain lube(do NOT use brake cleaner on a O-ring motorcycle chain!  No, I was warned before, that's not experience) as well as spray paint, very handy thing it is.

So, first coat on, let it dry a bit longer, then second coat.  And so on

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