Saturday, September 29, 2012

Can you say 'Aid & Comfort to the Enemy'?

I think you can.
Second, because of this massive change in policy (and complete change in mission) all U.S. forces are forbidden to actively patrol their AO and are to remain on their respective COPs/FOBs. There are only a few exceptions to this rule and they all pertain to “hardening” highway 1 in our AO. We have received orders that clearly state that all CF will no longer be allowed to drop air to ground munitions within the country of Afghanistan.
Troops in trouble?  No air support; it might upset someone, might cause problems for the bastard in the White House trying to keep his corrupt, treacherous ass in that chair.

Somebody pointed me to this, and I wanted to get it up; otherwise, tied up


Anonymous said...

I saw this and looked into it. I cannot find anyone else that can corroborate this story and Michael Yon has some credibility issues IMHO. I would really love to see if there is anyone else that can confirm or deny.
Thanks for running a great blog!
Jim in Texas

Luton Ian said...

a nasty precedent in Europe;

"OK, the teacher has been arrested in France, is being held captive in a French prison, pending extradition to Britain, for doing something which is not illegal in France.

You may well sympathize with the state on this issue. But this action by the French and British authorities sets such an almighty precedent, I hardly know where to start. Expect it to be invoked on all manner of issues, none of which have to do with minors. A woman in Britain, a Saudi national, is observed on a date with a man who is not her husband. Or sunbaking in a bikini. A Chinese national in Britain is seen surfing dissident websites. An Indonesian tourist is spotted purchasing cannabis in an Amsterdam cafĂ©. All these acts carry penalties in the participants’ home countries, far greater than anything this teacher faces when he lands back in England. I wonder if they have really thought this through."