Thursday, September 27, 2012

we have to operate as if we are on the border

In Chicago.

They also bring this up:
During his initial court proceedings, Zambada-Niebla made a number of explosive allegations about Operation “Fast and Furious” and an alleged immunity deal between the leadership of the Sinaloa Cartel, the DEA and other federal agencies.
and the article has this 'denial' from DEA:
 When asked for the DEA’s official response to the allegations, Riley said, “It’s an ongoing investigation. He hasn’t been brought to trial, and I can’t speak to that.” However, he did say of Zambada-Niebla’s claim, “It is not DEA policy and in my own personal opinion, I just don‘t think it’s accurate.”
Call it reaction on my part to all the other crap that's happened the last few years, but that's not only not a denial, it's a "Please ignore that, don't ask us about it, we really don't want to give ANY answer" response.

Not confidence-inspiring, is it?

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