Thursday, September 27, 2012

About that "My safety trumps everything" traffic stop

mentioned earlier, just ran across this thanks to a tip:
In this case – as in other “situations” of its kind – the officers have themselves to blame for the fact that the public hasn’t seen “their side” of the story, since the dashcam recordings of the encounter have mysteriously disappeared. 
Isn't that interesting?

And, a little earlier in the article,
“Your safety does not trump my right and my liberty,” Pierson tutored the deputy.

“When I stop you, yes it does,” asserted Bassett.

“Your personal safety is more important than all the laws, the Constitution, and every one of my personal rights and liberties,” summarized Pierson, his voice heavy with disgusted incredulity.

“When I’m in a traffic stop, yes,” declared Bassett. “I’m in control of this situation.”

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BobG said...

"I have the authority!"

Sounds familiar.