Thursday, September 27, 2012

“We’re told every day, our safety is first,” he said.

“We’re here to come home every night.”
Um, no, you're not.  You're SUPPOSED to be doing the job of a lawman, risks and all, and if you think your personal safety is always first, then either you were badly trained, or you're a sorry lawman.

No, I don't know everything, this may be a lot more involved than the story lets on; that line still indicates a real problem.
 Bob Owens, his opinion on the matter as well.

Last night, at Belle Isle Brewery with some friends, one of the screens had CNN on and one of the crawls was about the 'crime scene in Benghazi still not secured'.  Well, it took how long for the people in charge to admit it was a planned attack, not about that idiot video?  So how long might it take them to actually do something about 'securing the crime scene' that everybody in town has apparently been wandering through?

Last night proved once again: it's been dry, you badly need rain?  It won't come as a nice, gentle rain, it'll lightning and rumble and pour like the cow on a flat rock.  But it was rain.


Luton Ian said...

The fat blue line going home at the end of the shift.

They don't have that dangerous a job!

on per capita accident and fatality rates, those who work in quarries, on construction sites, agriculture, commercial forestry and commercial fishery, all have less chance of going home at the end of each shift than a doughnut muncher does

Do any of them bleat about wanting more of the OPM, because they do such a dangerous job

Sure, quarrying, fishing, farming, forestry and construction are essential for society too, and most times those jobs are done more than 10 minutes drive from a venue serving coffee and doughnuts.

All my working life, I've had less probability of completing my shift alive than a plod, it's only the past couple of weeks that I've started pointing that fact out.

If they're that risk averse, get the hell out of the job and stop bleating, they can risk papercuts and RSI in an office instead.

Luton Ian said...

Pro Libertate has a very good post up about the whole disgusting "officer safety trumps all constitutional and human rights" incident.

Titan Mk6B said...

I could stand some pissing on a flat rock. I live north of Tulsa and we get the lightning and thunder but then only about ten minutes of a gentle rain. I have never seen the ponds up here so low on water. Those that still have water. A lot are just flat dried up. Since mid May I have had only 2.2 inches of rain at my house. An inch and a quarter of that was in a day and a half period.