Friday, September 28, 2012

Tab clearing

Some of what's been going on in Mexico is worse than previously admitted.  Which makes it pretty damned bad.

Interesting, and possible; it would make that video deliberately made to be used as an excuse for more rioting and calls for "You people have to start censoring yourselves, or else."

What's scary about this: not only does she ignore restrictions already placed, that line about even as we place reasonable limits on arguably more valuable rights like the freedom of speech and due process, is scary; just what 'reasonable limits' does she want?

Why People Don't Trust The Media, Part 372

"What?  You helped make a movie about whacking bin Laden?  Don't you know how much trouble that can cause?" Yeah, but this might be excusable, since it's to make Obama look good before the election.


Marja said...

That at least the dubbed trailer was made as an excuse has been my theory from the beginning. Although I have to admit that is probably because it would be how I'd have written it, if the whole thing had been a fictional story. Would make sense.

markm said...

Marja: There's a much simpler and non-paranoic explanation: Nassouli is actually Nassouli, a Coptic con man, whose latest con game was suckering investors into a film project. Like the fictional play in "The Producers", this con required creating a very bad, low-budget film. For the topic, he chose to slam Islam - the script can come right out of the news and the Koran, Nassouli got a kick out of it, and he knew where to find suckers who hated Islam almost as much as an Egyptian Christian would.

And how did it wind up on the radar of violent Islamics? That's the easiest part. With the dreadful economic performance of the Arab-Muslim countries, there are huge numbers of men with nothing better to do than to search the internet for something to be offended at. (And for porn, of course - which they also claim is offensive, and so must be closely studied.) Of course they will find plenty of offensive items - because it takes so little to offend them, but also because if something can be imagined, someone has put it on the internet.

Once the legion of the perpetually offended has turned up something, word trickles up to their leaders, who save up such things until the pre-determined time to whip up a mob. Note that they are selective in which items they will be publicly outraged about; Obama's film about killing Bin Laden is much easier to find, but there hasn't been a peep about it starting riots. That would increase the chances of Obama being replaced by someone who (as flawed as the Mitt is) would not pretend that a pre-arranged riot - armed with RPG's - is not terrorism.

Marja said...

Heh, I said 'the dubbed trailer', as there seems to be two versions, one with the original English dialogue, and other with an Arabic dialogue dubbed over that. Much more likely than the original version, which, as you said, probably is what it's been said it is. But the version dubbed in Arabic - and if the news about it are right, the dubbing makes it seem a lot worse, well that might well be something done to be used as an excuse, once the original had been found and somebody had noticed it would be a prime candidate for that kind of use.

I'm not completely serious about this, it's not as if I believe that's exactly what happened, lets just say that if it were found out this is what happened I would not be surprised. As said, would make sense.