Sunday, September 23, 2012

All week we've heard muslims telling us (updated)

that we in the west need to understand how important the prophet is to them.  We do understand, and we don't care; that's the point.  We don't care now, and we are never going to care.  Get used to it"

Found at Kevin's place

Ever see Khartoum?   Not a bad movie, Charlton Heston as Gordon and Laurence Olivier as the current Mahdi.  There's a scene about 2/3 through where Gordon has been to meet with Mahdi, and is a bit shocked.  He's been thinking that Achmet was a con artist, using the beliefs of his followers to lead them for his own ends, but has realized that (near as I can remember the words) "His faith is as true and strong in him as mine is in me."
It's a powerful scene, and it makes me wonder about something: possibly a reason a lot of the clowns so trying to accomodate and ransom to the islamists do so is that they don't have any real beliefs themselves(other than socialism/communism/self-worship) and they truly cannot understand someone who does?  They see the demonstrations and hate and killing as all for show, because- having no true down-in-their-soul beliefs themselves, they cannot comprehend someone who does, and thus cannot see the threat as actually real?


Glenn B said...

I would say that Allah and their Prophet are as important to them as is God the Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost or Spirit to Christians. The Muslims, a great majority of them from the look of it, only give any concern as to what Christians believe because they think it blasphemous for anyone to believe in any God other than Allah. They not only want it one way, they demand it one way, and they are ready to kill for that one way, too many of them are ready anyhow. Too bad people and politicians worldwide don't seem to want to get that realization into their heads that Islam as it now stands is the enemy.

Firehand said...

I don't doubt he's important to them; they've demonstrated important enough to torture and kill for. And yeah, they plan on all other religions going away, along with anybody who won't submit. Barring a miracle, it's going to get real nasty in some places before(if?) it settles down.