Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just a slight mistake, I'm sure...

The Federal Voting Assistance Program website published an incorrect deadline for the return of returning military ballots in Wisconsin. Had this error not been corrected, thousands of Wisconsin servicemen and women could have been disenfranchised in this key swing state this November.
Just a slight mistake, I'm sure...

Well, let's see, the DoJ IG managed to stretch the Gunwalker investigation out for over a year and it was still incomplete when it was released; how long do you think Clinton can drag out this one?  I wouldn't want to wait on it either.

It's a LEGAL system, not a JUSTICE system

So let’s get this straight:  Our President may have deep ties (personal and financial) not only to black nationalist extremists, but also wealthy Arabs who publicly floated the idea of financing, among other projects, the top-flight education of young black Americans who might (hopefully) one day share their hatred of America?

New York Effing City:
A grown adult cannot legally purchase a soft drink over 16 oz.

A minor can be given, without their parent's knowledge, a '
morning after pill'. A medication needing a prescription if under the age of 17.

How exactly does this make sense again?
Don't forget, they don't want you to make a bad choice(from their point of view) from a friggin' vending machine, either.

 If this is true, then everyone involved- from the doctors to the Organ Donor Network people, should be prosecuted; you're actually talking about killing people so you can get their organs.

That's about all the news and crap I can take for one morning

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Anonymous said...

And another thing !

Those that advocate withholding medical treatment from certain demographics, i.e. the elderly, advocate death for that demographic by default. That sounds like genocide to me. They should be tried for crimes against humanity.

ignore amos