Saturday, July 07, 2012

Well, the 'pro-anorexia website' part indicates the stupid

to follow...
The 20-year-old model has become the target of pro-anorexia website SkinnyGossip following her participation in a burger commercial.

Despite shooting sexy images for Carl's Jr. a few months back, the website has suddenly decided to slam the blonde star now by calling her a 'cannibal.'

Which is a perfect excuse for the video

as if I actually needed one. Hey, hot chick and annoy idiots at the same time!

Added: thanks to EBL, we also have this for your viewing pleasure:

Kate Upton Perfectly Timed Slow Motion - Watch More Funny Videos

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

Damn. Suddenly I have a uncontrollable urge to run out to Hardies and get a patty melt.

I am sure that all the criticism of Kate is making her very upset. She can come over to my house and I will console her.