Tuesday, July 03, 2012

'Tolerance' becomes "We can do

what we want to, including stealing your food and trashing it."

Hey, NYPD: if it upsets you that they shoot video of you doing this, that's just too damn bad; maybe you should stop doing it.

Wonderful: the Navy's paying $26/gallon for 'green' fuel; but we're assured that 'that price will come down'. Mabus, unless you can prove it'll wind up the same or less than standard fuel, then you're screwing the Navy and us. And we know it.

In Crestview, Florida, Police Street Crimes Unit investigator Tim White is out of a job for swiping grass from an evidence locker and planting it at a residence to beef up the grounds for a search warrant application. Even more interesting, he says he did so on orders from a supervisor. And that's just the beginning of the interesting.

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