Saturday, July 07, 2012

Going to be an interesting Olympics

A white Muslim convert who once worked as a BBC security guard was arrested yesterday over an alleged plot to carry out a major terrorist attack, possibly during the Olympics
One of the suspects spent two years working as a Metropolitan Police community support officer in East London, before leaving the force in May 2009.

The al-Qaida branch in the Arabian Peninsula is believed to be planning a terror attack during the Olympic Games in London, scheduled to begin at the end of the month. According to a report in today's Sunday Times, quoting intelligence services, the organization has recruited a Norwegian Muslim convert who was supposed to hijack a U.S. passenger plane and crash it on a suicide mission. It is not clear though that the attack targeted one of the Olympic venues, despite the timing.

And, not related but happening in the same region,
Two British women were arrested yesterday after raids in London and Amsterdam by police probing a blackmail plot by animal rights activists.

A 50-year-old was held in Croydon, South London, while, in a simultaneous dawn swoop in Amsterdam, a second woman, aged 25, was arrested along with a 25-year-old Dutch man. They are also being quizzed over an arson attack.

Further down in the piece is this very interesting thing:
The Dutch National Crime Squad said Britain has maintained a surveillance operation with its assistance on radical animal rights activists in The Netherlands for some time.

These activists routinely go for 'training' in the UK - learning such things as sabotage, mail bomb making and how to target the personnel of companies involved in animal experiments - and return to their homeland as 'sleepers' waiting to be activated for a specific mission
Apparently all the "Handguns are banned so it's peaceful in Britain" people are lying to us.

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