Monday, July 02, 2012

I didn't know they had a TV fee in France,

but it shouldn't surprise me; their wanting to extend it doesn't.
The French government is considering extending the television licence fee to include computer screen owners to boost revenues for public-sector broadcasting operations, the culture minister said on Saturday.

Apparently a cable news talking head named Cooper has some people all aflutter with the announcement that he's homosexual; my question is "Why does anybody care?"

What? Rangel might not have won after all? Seeing this corrupt bastard lose would bring a serious uplift to mood.

Datechguy's thought boil down to "November is coming."
(I can't help it, I want to see that on a poster from Valdez is Coming)


Marja said...

We have a tv fee in Finland. So far only for people who own a device capable of receiving the transmissions, so those people who, like me, only own an older one meant for the analog ones (which stopped here several years ago) and a dvd player do not have to pay it, but a year from now it will probably be changed to something called 'media fee', which is a bit lower than the tv fee but which everybody has to pay, whether you watch tv or not.

And I will probably have to pay about 160 euros of penalty because I opened the door to a guy who was checking out people who were not paying the tv fee last winter, but I wouldn't let him in. Your word that you don't have a device able to receive the transmissions is not enough, he would have needed to eyeball the things. I didn't let him in out of principle - I strongly dislike the whole damn system, especially since the part which gets paid for by that fee is stuff I have no wish to watch in the first place, being mostly pretty damn boring leftist indoctrination types of shows and information which I can nowadays find better, and in a more reliable form, from the internet - and that will cost me.

Keith said...

Ireland is trying to impose a universal TV licence fee - on the basis that you might watch RTE crap on some other device.

I keep getting threatening letters from the TV licence crowd. They seem to go in an escalating cycle, which repeats over about 6 month intervals.

Buggered if I'm spending money with the post office to reply to them, they can rip the sump out of their vans getting here to search the house (last week's thunder storm washed the already rough road out).

I neither have mains electricity, nor a TV, nor any interest in wasting diesel to watch TV broadcasts.

Windy Wilson said...

The cable news reader named like an accounting firm came out. My libtard brother posted on my facebook (and presumably on everyone else's too) that he wonders if it toasts conservatives more that he came out or that he isn't ashamed. If I wanted to cause trouble, I'd say that they are toasted by the other things that have come out of his mouth and they don't care what goes in it.

Firehand said...

"Well, you have SOME kind of screen, so you owe tax!" Crap.

Windy, seems that a lot of left-leaning/socialist types just can't believe- or can't stand- that a lot of us really don't care who someone sleeps with; and it drives them nuts trying to force us into their approved view of us.