Friday, July 06, 2012

Hey, Chicago Sun-Times, the joke is your idiocy

Decades of proving 'gun control' doesn't work, and you're still pushing it. And pissed at people who won't show respect for your idiocy.

One of the comments:
You don't have a gun problem, you are up to your armpits in barbarians. Penalizing and restricting decent citizens won't do anything to solve that problem.
Found at Robb's place


Anonymous said...

They can have my gun...barrel first.

Windy Wilson said...

Barbarians is right. The major trouble with Leftism and Leftists, is that somewhere in their sordid past they thought people could grow up without guidance into good people automatically. If it weren't for Leftists' ability to project their intellectual failings onto their opponents and insist that this (time no 5000) will have a different result because they insist it will, we'd all be convinced of the impossibility of natural goodness coming from feral children by now.