Thursday, November 17, 2011

So Chesapeake Energy is playing games to trash coal

in hopes of pushing up markets for natural gas. Just friggin' wonderful.
Knowing that the junk science war against fracking has just begun, it’s more than frustrating to know that the frackers are willing to do the same to another innocent party.

Chesapeake’s problem is not the coal industry. Its problem is the radical environmentalists who are purposefully blocking U.S. economic recovery and growth in part through their war against fossil fuel production. A growing economy would actually require more energy, including gas, and gas prices would rise as demand increased.

We need to develop all forms of energy: coal, gas, oil, nuclear, wind, solar, whatever. Energy is not the zero-sum game — swap coal for gas — that McClendon seems to think it is. And paying the enemy to employ junk science is not the right way to gain friends and influence people.
I've told people who accuse me of not wanting progress because- well, I hate Mother Nature or clean air or something- when I've pointed out what a crock a lot of 'clean' energy is, "Look, if someone finds a way to make solar panels that a hundred square feet of which will power a home all day without costing enough to build another house, or a motor fuel that can start replacing gasoline now without needing a new car to use it, I'll be thrilled; I LOVE the idea of telling the oil ticks "Guys, we no longer need your oil; bye." But it has to be something we can use NOW, not a decade or two in the future(or more) AFTER someone discovers it, and this 'green' energy crap doesn't cut it. Unless you want to trash civilization back to the early days of civilization, WE NEED OIL AND GAS AND COAL." And we do; having Chesapeake playing footsie with the enviroweenies to try and pump up their market is idiotic.

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