Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yes, I'm still around

No, I'm not in hiding. Yes, the busy has now eased off. Yes, I went to the Tulsa gun show. More on that tomorrow, but I will say that, on Saturday, my Gunwalker t-shirt got a lot of attention, ranging from "Did you get it here?" to laughter to, from a couple of people, "Did you hear what Holder said the other day?" I'm going to start carrying some printed slips with his address on them; even without that, I think I got him some business.

In the meantime, having had time to look around a bit, the Labour Party in Britain did even more to screw things up- actively- than already known.

On the Gunwalker Follies,
Stonewalling. Few public officials have been less forthcoming than Holder, whose constantly shifting excuses for F&F all boil down to: the dog ate my homework.

Holder at first denied knowing much of anything, then said he’d only learned of the operation (which ran 2009-2010) at the start of this year, when in fact he’d been briefed much earlier -- and then said he didn’t read the briefing memos because, hey, he’s a busy guy.

Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa became so frustrated with Holder’s slow-walking of requested Justice documents that last month he issued subpoenas for reams of them, as well as for the AG to testify for the third time before Congress, which he did Tuesday.

“I want to be clear: Any instance of so-called ‘gun walking’ is unacceptable,” said Holder piously before blasting critics for playing “gotcha” games. He also said he knew nothing about Dodson’s smear, and dodged questions about it.

Worst of all, he refused to apologize for the death of a Border Patrol agent killed by a Fast and Furious weapon.
And we know that, after getting his ass ripped for that last, he 'apologized' to the family; by sending a letter to Politico.

A teacher at a $14k/year private school takes the little bastards to OWS; I wonder if they realize their families are part of the '1%' OWS would like to hang? And i wonder how much the teacher makes?

And that's it for now; I need some tea, and some booze later, and to clean up the mess I dropped in the living room floor. Oh, and the way the Security Staff greet me so joyously after I've been gone a couple of days? "Oh, you're back. Wag. Feed us."


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Awesome, thanks! I still have plenty. I plan on taking some to the Raleigh Gun Show next weekend. I might be able to sell one or two.

Bob said...

Holder's congressional appearance last week was before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and was the Dems' way (the Senate is controlled by Dems, and the Judiciary Comittee is headed by the toady Patrick Leahy) taking attention away from Holder's testimony in the House Oversight Committee, which is Issa's, and will be later this month.