Thursday, November 17, 2011

Speaking of 'settled science' that actually isn't,

Sifting through earth northwest of Seattle, he uncovered something extraordinary - a mastodon bone with a shaft jammed in it. This appeared to be a weapon that had been thrust into the beast's ribs, a sign that humans had been around and hunting far earlier than anyone suspected.

Unfortunately for Gustafson, few scientists agreed. He was challenging orthodoxy with less-than-perfect evidence.

For almost 35 years, his find was ridiculed or ignored, the site dismissed as curious but not significant.

But last month, a team that re-examined his discovery using new technology concluded in the prestigious journal Science that Gustafson had been right all along.
Which brings to mind the yelling over Kennewick Man; which included a bunch of people, primarily members of/affiliated with Indian tribes that really didn't want those bones being more closely studed.

Found here, thanks to the uncivilized Irishman

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