Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The other day someone played part of that Sandusky interview,

and I can only come to these conclusions:
He doesn't have a lawyer, or
He doesn't listen to his lawyer,
His lawyer is looking for a way out of representing him, or
His lawyer figures this fits into some kind of insanity plea.
I'm not sure if 'amazing' or 'disgusting' is the best descriptive


Tam said...

Somewhere a lawyer was crying, that's for sure.

Phelps said...

His lawyer stands by it. I'm thinking the lawyer is a fellow pederast, and thinks Sandusky did great.

Mattexian said...

From what I've heard his lawyer helped emancipate a 16-year-old girl, who he then knocked up and married, even tho he was 49 or 50 at the time. They're since divorced, and in response to him saying during the interview that he'd have no problem letting his kids hang around Sandusky, she posted on Facebook something to the effect of "Like HELL he will!"