Saturday, November 19, 2011

That worked rather nicely

Friend had an old parkerized pistol that looked, well, bland. Dry. So gave it a short version of the process Xavier did: took the grips off, wiped it all over with grease and put it in the oven on 'warm' for a couple of hours and let it cool down, then wiped the excess off.

It almost looked refinished; the parking looked much better and more even, and darker. Says when has a chance he'll break the pistol down to remove all the springs and do the full procedure just to make sure the grease has a chance to soak all the way in.


Anonymous said...

Hm....I think I'm gonna try this on my Colt 45. Would it help any to pre-heat the parts? Set them in the oven for a couple of hours and then coat with vaseline? In my flea little brain; it seems like the pores would be all opened up and ready to accept the grease....but I am German and sometimes you have to speak really really slow for me to catch on.


Firehand said...

Probably wouldn't hurt, don't know if it'd help. Long as you coat everything and keep it at heat long enough to open up the structure a bit and let the stuff soak in, it should work.

I will note, if you have night sights on, I have no idea how much heat they can take without causing problems for the cushioning around the capsule; I'd stick with 'warm' only for a longer period.

Firehand said...

Also, any springs I've ever messed with would not be affected by heat until it hit, say 400F or above, so Xavier's 350 should be safe if you have any in there; personally I'd drop it to 300 tops, just because I worry about things.