Monday, November 14, 2011

About Tulsa

Big show, but you could tell the economy is wearing on things: you usually see an empty table or two, but there were more than I've seen before. And people attending, numbers were down: not as obvious on Saturday, but on Sunday...

Seems like some people are worse about asking high prices on things, too, though that's just my impression(Attention: just because it's a nice 'X', made by 'Y' sixty years ago, doesn't mean somebody's going to pay THAT for it).

Got to go in for a while Friday afternoon during setup, and observed a One Houndpower Wheelchair; lady in what appeared a racing-type chair holding a leash attached to the harness of a ~50-pound dog, who was happily pulling her along at a trot. He must've been quite used to it, as he kept a nice, straight path and allowed no distractions to pull him off line.

And I got to see my remaining Grail firearm for the first time: a S&W K32 Target Masterpiece. Looked like had never been fired, in the box, $2200. Which means it will remain a Grail piece for some time to come. Apparently those that were actually used by people are still in the family and they're not turning loose; the others, either bought as investments or just never used, are going for premium prices. This is the least-costly one I've seen and the first I've physically seen; all I've seen online have had asking prices about $2300 and up. And for a pistol I want to actually take out and Linkshoot... nope.

And I saw something else: Coonan was there with a display of their .357 Mag autopistols. Impressive. Solid, welll-fitted, well-balanced. One of the guys had his as one of the display pieces, says has ~5k rounds through it and it still felt tight and smooth. Oleg Volk has a bunch of pictures on his site. Something I'd definitely like to have down the road.

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DaddyBear said...

A friend of mine used to use a trained Rhodesian Ridgeback to pull her wheelchair. Apparently it's one of the things that a dog can be trained to assisted the handicapped.

I shot a Coonan this summer, and it is now on the "Guns I Will Own" list. Met the owner at NRA, and he's about as nice, personable, and excited about his job as anyone I've ever met.