Friday, November 18, 2011

Reason #37 the People's Republic of MA is a place I would NEVER (updated:DA Jon Blodgett)

Whose side are you on? And whose side do you think the Massachusetts legal system is on?

McKay knows. Here’s a guy who, everyone agrees, was in his own home with his family when a neighborhood druggie tried to break into his truck and steal his tools. These are the tools McKay uses to put food on the table for his three kids.

In addition to a rap sheet, the druggie had a nightstick and a knife. McKay had his fists and a family to defend. The good news is that the good guy won and the crook ended up with a broken jaw.

The bad news is that it happened in Massachusetts.

“I honestly expected the DA to just drop the case,” McKay’s attorney, Richard Chambers Jr., told me after yesterday’s arraignment in Lynn District Court. “Instead, they boosted the charge to aggravated assault — a felony!”

He finally gets busted by sheer coincidence — nearly hitting a squad car. Police say he blew a solid .14 in a Breathalyzer and what’s his defense? Onyango, a proud legal citizen of Kenya, says his OUI arrest violated his Fourth Amendment rights.

Which brings us to the horrifying truth about the political system in Massachusetts: If you had to bet next month’s mortgage on which of these two defendants will get the better deal — Anthony the American, or Omar the Illegal — wouldn’t you put every penny on Obama’s uncle?

Anthony’s got everything against him. He’s a citizen, he works for a living and he believes in individual responsibility — protecting his own family with or without government health.

Uncle Omar, on the other hand, laughs his way through court, snickering at the idea that he’s going to be held responsible for driving drunk. After all, he’s never been held responsible for all his other offenses. Why would Massachusetts start enforcing the law on him now?

Update: the Irishman knows:
In addition, the DA’s office announced that they were going to request the “victim’s” medical records. That’s right: DA Blodgett thinks the repeat drug offending, night-stick-carrying, knife-wielding would-be robber is a “victim.”

Why is the DA pushing this case? Because they want to send the message loud and clear. As a Swampscott police spokesman put it: “We don’t urge anybody to (fight back). We want them to call us.
Got that? The minions of the People's Republic want you to stand there and be robbed or raped or murdered and not fight back because they don't want you to. And if you do, they'll screw you over as badly as they can.

The sticker someone had is right: Massachusetts: Live Free or Live Here

DA Jon Blodgett
You, sir, are a miserable little statist piece of crap; if you had any sense of honor you'd be ashamed of yourself.

But you don't, do you?


PISSED said...

You might as well add this too your list of why this state sucks.

Anonymous said...

"We want them to call us"

Instead, what will wind up happening is more people buying shovels and lime and keeping their mouths shut.

Windy Wilson said...

Fists. Fists against a knife. I thought this was the appropriate proportional way to respond to robbers and other intruders. He comes at you with a gun, you wield a paint stirrer. He comes at you with a knife, you hit him with a plastic dinner plate. He comes at you with a stick, you use your fist (unless you studied Karate, in which case, you come at him with your 14 year old daughter) -- but only one fist, apparently.

What a corrupt and evil place.