Sunday, February 13, 2011

To borrow the phrase, Why are anti-gun people

so violent?
If the repo man’s story bears out, it sounds like a pretty wild ride:

He said the pastor was smiling during parts of the drive as he weaved and made sharp moves in an apparent effort to toss the repo man off.

''He hit the windshield wipers to try to knock my hands off the hood,'' Falzini said. ''He was laughing at me, telling me he was going to take me on the interstate.''
But curious thing about Neal. He’s a prominent local activist pushing citizen disarmament as the way to stop the violence.

''As community leaders we must promote safety. The possession of guns increases the risk of tragedy,'' Neal said.

Believing something needed to be done to get illegal guns off the streets, Neal approached the Akron Police Department and the Summit County's Sheriff's and Prosecutor's offices, with the gun buyback idea.

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