Saturday, February 19, 2011

If you handload and use plated bullets(or want to),

I just got a notice from Conevera saying that there will be a price increase effective Monday on Berry's and X-Treme bullets. So if you can/want to get some before, you've got through tomorrow to order some.

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Anonymous said...

I have somewhere near a thousand pounds of lead alloy wheelweights and another ton of nearly pure scrap lead. I just found a hundred pounds of 40/60 lead/tin solder in a hardware store. They sold it to me for forty cents a pound. They'd had it in stock for twenty five years.

I now have a lifetime supply of cast bullets for every firearm I own. I think I'll ask the birthday Fairey for a case or two of Lee's Liquid Alox lube. I've tried it in all my guns and it works. The thing I particularly like is that Lee's system is minimalist, not notably fast with a single stage press, but in a week I can cast, size, lube and load at least 2000 rounds of any given caliber I shoot.

It's good not to be held hostage by rising prices or the antics of nitwit politicians. Hmmph, I seem to be repeating myself. Again.

Gerry N.