Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hit the range this morning

and tried another ammo through the M&P 15-22. As of now there's been well over 1k rounds through this one with the only cleaning being wiping the bolt and bolt rails off once and lubing them. In that time about the only failures have been when the top round in a full magazine wasn't at the right angle(somewhat sensitive to that, but seems to only be when have the full 25 rounds in; some of the mags are picky about it) and a few misfires; and those rounds fired if you ran them through again.

I've now had subsonic ammo(Eley Sport and another I can't remember), standard and high-velocity stuff- both plated and bare lead- through it and most brands work just fine. The one big exception: Remington bulk-pack Golden Bullets. Roughly 1/4 to 1/3 of the stuff won't even chamber; those that do just flat suck, ranging from a lot of misfires to some sounding almost like hyper-velocity stuff and some so light I checked the bore to make sure nothing was stuck in there. They've really let their QC slip on this stuff.

No time tonight, next day or so I'll strip it and give it a real cleaning. And I need to get a good optic for it; I'd love to get the FACOG Tam pointed to for it, but since I'm just using it for general target practice I can't really justify to myself buying a $140 sight for it; I think I'll just get a decent scope for it.

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