Monday, February 14, 2011

Well, howzabout you teach the little bastards

not to steal?
Second, and I was amazed when this anxiety was aired in fully half the interviews, residents worry that the store would suffer severely or even fail because of petty theft.

"There'll probably be a lot of shoplifting going on. They'll need a lot of security," Terriea Sutton, 35, said.

Brenda Speaks, a Ward 4 ANC commissioner, actually urged blocking construction of the planned store in her ward at Georgia and Missouri avenues NW partly because of that risk. Addressing a small, anti-Wal-Mart rally at City Hall on Monday, Speaks said young people would get criminal records when they couldn't resist the temptation to steal
As to the first amazing thing, the locals know what kind of problems they're dealing with; I imagine the writer was mostly shocked they'd actually point out the problem.
As to the second, there's a good little bastard politician for you: try to prevent a store and jobs from coming into an area where they're needed because- what, because you clowns didn't teach the kids not to be thieves? (yes, I realize this is in DC, but still...)

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