Sunday, February 13, 2011

A fine view of PC idiocy at its best, from a bitch named Sonia Carr

And its best is pretty damned bad.
But it was here back in August that Mrs Farquhar’s group, Wiltshire Involvement Network (WIN), convened. Towards the end of the meeting, Mrs Farquhar noted that gossip about NHS changes had been spreading within the health service, remarking: ‘You cannot help the jungle drums.’

The phrase, as everyone must know, is a commonly used expression similar to ‘rumour mill’ or ‘grapevine’.

Well, not everyone. Almost before Mrs Farquhar had finished her sentence, a voice from the public gallery rang out: ‘You can’t say that.’ The voice belonged to Sonia Carr
Who, of course, can take offense at anything for anybody.
One month went by, then two, then three. Finally, on November 17 — some 13 weeks after the meeting in the Scout hut — a ten-page report landed on Mrs Farquhar’s desk with the sinister sounding title 'Complaint Investigator’s Report'.

It had been commissioned by Wiltshire County Council. The authority, it transpired, had received an official complaint from Mrs Carr about the ‘jungle drums’ aside.

But, as far as Mrs Farquhar was concerned, the document marked ‘confidential’ might just as well have been produced by a Communist politburo, such were its astonishing findings
'Findings'. Another word for 'rancid bullshit'. But it gets even better.
Mrs Carr had been interviewed, of course, before the report was published. So, too, had members of other organisations that had dealings with Mrs Farquhar and her team.

Scandalously, though, the only person who wasn’t interviewed was Mrs Farquhar herself or anyone on the 20-strong ‘steering committee’ who were present in the Scout hut. Except one, that is. And she was the one colleague who agreed with Sonia Carr.
Who suffered oh, so MUCH because of this comment!
The sentence read: ‘The complainant [Sonia Carr] explained that she suffered real pain and was emotionally upset by the comment made and this has had an impact on her health and her family.’

Yes, that’s the same Sonia Carr who stayed behind for sandwiches and mingled happily with Mrs Farquhar and her colleagues after the fateful meeting
And, among the damage done by this bitch and the PC Police,
Like its counterparts up and down the country, Mrs Farquhar’s organisation worked hand-in-hand with local authorities, monitoring NHS trusts and social care services, carrying out hospital inspections, among other things, and investigating grievances on behalf of patients.

Following the ‘jungle drums’ farrago, all volunteers working under Mrs Farquhar — 200 of them across Wiltshire — were banned from council premises and meetings. They were even forbidden from communicating with councillors in any way.

Funding to cover the watchdog’s administration costs was punitively withdrawn

So a valuable public service was paralysed and a scandal, which had dragged on for more than six months — at an untold cost to the taxpayer — had now managed to turn an army of well-meaning and selfless individuals into pariahs

Now, Carr is a shithead of great proportions, obviously; but she had help in doing all this damage:
The man blamed — even by many of his own colleagues on the Tory-run council — for allowing the complaint to escalate is deputy leader John Thomson.

‘The law makes it clear that what matters is not the intention of the person who uses the phrase but whether anyone is offended by it,’ he said.

By that logic, ‘Chinese ­whispers’, ‘black magic’, ‘brown bread’, and ‘Indian summer’ could soon be on the banned list in Wiltshire — and elsewhere — along with countless other popular phrases. In fact, Cllr Thomson, like everyone else involved in this politically correct witch-hunt, is hiding behind the law (which includes a clear ­‘reasonableness test’) to avoid ­making sensible decisions
"I do not have to use my brain! I have a Zero Tolerance measure to guide me, whether it makes any sense or not!"

So Carr and Thomson have pretty much destroyed a lady and the good things she and her friends did, caused a hell of a lot of problems for the people the lady & friends were helping; I hope the miserable shits have a feeling of accomplishment to hold them until the get to hell. Which, at this point, I tend to think is where they're going. Along with every member of the County Council and the 'investigators' who pumped this along. I mean, think of the vileness in their souls to happily pile onto this and destroy these people...

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Keith said...

Do you want to tag that "formerly great britain" as well.

I think I'm going to have to start becoming offended more often, it sounds like a very useful thing to be.

Perhaps voters in Wiltshire should become offended at the misuse of their council tax and the dis-enfranchisement of their fellow citizens.

Windy Wilson said...

Keith, indeed, perpetually "offended" is a very useful thing to be, so long as the government officials are spineless C***s afraid to do their jobs and afraid of the slightest bit of unreasonable criticism.
When the standard is whether someone is offended, the world stands hostage to the most insane and unreasonable among us so long as no one is willing to say the offended complainant is insane and unreasonable.

Firehand said...

About a decade or so ago I once got a lecture from someone on how a lady wouldn't come to Scottish country dance anymore because she had been 'offended' by something. They guy reporting this said he didn't know exactly what'd happened but "If she feels offended, then she IS offended." My response was
A: Kind of hard to apologize for something if you don't know what the hell the problem is, and
B: I'm not going to blankly apologize for 'X' just because someone FEELS offended.

Apparently not being willing to apologize for SOMETHING-even not knowing what- wasn't 'proper' behavior in the eyes of the people involved. And (even less now than then) I didn't give a rats ass.