Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back to the Touching Special Places people,

The Transportation Security Administration has told members of Congress that more than 15 million passengers received full-body scans at airports without any malfunctions that put travelers at risk of an excessive radiation dose.

Despite the reassurance, however, the TSA has yet to release radiation inspection reports for its X-ray equipment — two months after lawmakers called for them to be made public following USA TODAY's requests to review the reports.

TSA spokesman Kristin Lee says that the agency is still trying to ensure that the reports don't contain any "sensitive security or privacy-protected information" and that she expects they will be released "within the next few weeks."
Bullcrap. They have reports that will scare and/or enrage people and don't have to balls to deal with it, so they're delaying as much as they can. Which means there's a good chance they're knowingly letting people be dangerously irradiated. Which ought to call for firing at the least, and prison sentences at the best.

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KurtP said...

I haven't been to any airports that have those scanners. All I can go by is pictures and video, but one thing I can never remember seeing is anything that looks like a certification anywhere near those machines.

Every time I've gotten an X-ray, there have been calibration certs and authorizations and WARNINGS about the hazards of that small amount of radiation hanging on the wall. The operator has gone to school for years and the radiation is targeted.

What training do those TSA clowns have and who checks those machines?