Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The British MoD:

Bastards in Action:
The group of officers who received the mail, who all have more than 20 years' service, includes a Royal Tank Regiment veteran unceremoniously dumped while serving on the frontline in Afghanistan.

Another - who risked his life doing FIVE warzone tours - said: "It was out of the blue. We're disgusted.

"Essentially 38 of us are 'sacked' having spent our lives in the military. It's not good - five tours of duty and sacked by email."

I'd say 'unbelievable', but after what the British Government has become? it's not.
SAS legend Andy McNab said: "Young lads will see that and think, 'If that's how they treat the guys that have given their lives to the unit, how will they treat me?'"
No shit. Somewhere there's a quote that "A country that despises its military will come to have a despicable military"; and the Brits are working real hard at developing just that. The way they keep treating the troops, it's amazing they still have any good ones.


Jeffersonian said...

Ye hindered and hampered and crippled; ye thrust out of sight and away

Those that would serve you for honour and those that served you for pay.

Kipling, The Islanders, 1902

Windy Wilson said...

I was thinking of "It's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, and "kick him out, the brute", but Jeffersonian knows his Kipling better, so thanks for a spot-on quote.