Friday, January 21, 2011

Apparently Obama and the State Department are so in love

with the idea of communists taking over countries that they're STILL trying to get Zelaya back into Honduras. Like there's nothing better to worry about than pushing a small country to let a Castro wannabe back in to screw things up even more.

I think the Evil Party weenies are kind of panicked by the vote the repeal Obamacare, and it shows. I think it's not just the vote passing with a far greater margin than the vote to enact it, I think it's that a whole bunch of Stupid Party politicians actually held to their promise to have a vote and put everyone on the record; I think that scares hell out of the EP, and explains a lot of the "Thsi is just a gesture" and "It won't pass in the Senate so we won't even vote on it" noise. If Reid is so certain it won't pass and was actually worried about time, he'd just schedule the vote and get it done; if he's so confident the people actually love the bill he'd WANT the EP Senators to be on record voting for it again. That he's so solid on "I won't let it come to a vote" says he knows how ticked off people are about it and does NOT want EP Senators on the record as voting for it a second time.

Article on the revolt/revolution going on in Tunisia; one of the interesting things there is the same thing that's happened in other places, including Iran: the use of cell phones and internet to bypass the usual communication channels. You realize that we could help some revolutions go by putting some kind of phone repeater system up so the government could not cut these communications? Drive the tyrants nuts, wouldn't it?

Since the call for civility we have seen
A Democratic congressman compare republicans to Nazi’s and refuse to apologize at first then finally did.

A liberal talkshow host made oral sex jokes concerning the Republican Female Lt. gov of Wisconsin on the air.

A second lib talker fantasized on air about murdering Rush Limbaugh.

and on the Joy Behar show Sarah Palin was referred to as a Nazi and blamed her for the Tucson Massacre

We could go on but it’s kinda late as I’m writing this

This is just too damned icky(I know, but the word fits) to deal with right now. But between a lot of idiots pretending to be parents and celebritutes like these being looked up to by kids, what do we expect?

Well, the only surprise here is it took this long; I'd imagine the investigators and prosecutors office were crapping bricks every time Dupnik opened his mouth.

BATFE once again decides to legislate. Because the Scary Black Shotgun doesn't meet someone's standard of 'sporting'.

Blackfive once wrote about his past experience with troops from different countries in bar fights, and said the Aussies were just plain bad news; that appears to be an understatement.
He was awarded a Medal for Gallantry in December 2006 for his courage under fire in Afghanistan's Chora Valley in the same battle in which Sergeant Matthew Locke, who was killed in action during 2007, won his MG. During that fight, according to comrades, "RS" tore a Taliban fighter off his back like an insect, stood on his throat and shot him dead.

By the time the battle was over about 60 Taliban lay dead from small arms fire, hand-to-hand combat and close air support
He's about to receive the Victoria Cross for more recent actions.

Yeah, he was screaming "You must die!" and chopping the door down because he just wanted to scare him. Yeah. In most of the US, outside of the PRs, Mr. I Want To Scare You would've assumed ambient temperature due to severe ballistic poisoning; wonder what'll happen to him if convicted? For that matter, while I believe that arms ownership is heavily regulated in Denmark, no idea what level of freedom you have to use one in self-defense; so if he'd had a firearm, would this be a (fG)British-level 'shoot the man trying to kill you and you'll go to jail' situation?

From Jay G on the situation in the PROM:
Second thought: I've actually had folks e-mail me about this same sort of scenario. "Aren't you afraid your opinions will get you in trouble in MA?" It's something I've struggled with, because as the above story shows, they can - and will - revoke your ability to legally exercise your Second Amendment rights for exercising your First Amendment rights. I expect the ACLU to be all over this case any time now - if this is not a clear and egregious example of the government infringing on this man's First (and Second) Amendment rights, then we have no rights in this country.
There's that "suitability" again. For any reason whatsoever, the licensing authority in your town of residence can decide that you are no longer suitable and revoke your MA LTC. You will have to surrender your firearms, handing them over to an FFL who will most likely charge you for the service until you can find suitable homes for them. At best you can apply for an FID card which will allow you to own shotguns and low-capacity long arms - those are "shall issue" - but any handguns and "high capacity" semi-automatic rifles are gone (and some folks consider the Ruger 10/22 to be a "high capacity" rifle).

They point to his blog postings as evidence that he is unsuitable - hogwash. What he wrote is distasteful to some - advocating the assassination of members of Congress immediately following a senseless shooting is in poor taste IMHO - but it's not treason. It's not inciting violence - he does not advocate the shooting of congress critters, he makes (what I assume to be) a tongue-in-cheek assessment that care needs to be taken to avoid collateral damage. It's in poor taste, that's for certain - but a threat? Hardly. There's nothing threatening involved

Back to the subject of abortion; was looking at other posts at Borepatch and ran into this:
So determined are they to have a girl that they recently terminated twin boys conceived through IVF. The couple said it was a traumatic decision but that continuing to have unlimited numbers of children was not an option.

If their test case fails, they said they will go to the US to conceive a girl.

The couple, who cannot be identified, conceived three boys naturally.

The woman, in her thirties, said she loved her sons but would do anything to have a daughter. She admitted she was obsessed with having a daughter and that it had become vital to her psychological health.

The man said, "After what we have been through, we are due for a bit of luck. We want to be given the opportunity to have a girl."

I'm going to pass on the other things I could say; for now I'll just note
You DID 'have the opportunity', asshole; nature and your combined genetics said "No". That you're willing to keep getting pregnant and keep aborting those nasty boys until you get what you want...

And finally, where would you think a forecast like this might come from?
3 in 10 chance of a mild start

3 in 10 chance of an average start
4 in 10 chance of a cold start

3 in 10 chance of a wet start
3 in 10 chance of an average start

4 in 10 chance of a dry start

: There is an increased risk for a cold and wintry start to the winter season.

Looking further ahead beyond this assessment there are some indications of an increased risk of a mild end to the winter season.

If you thought this
you'd be wrong.

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