Monday, January 17, 2011

Had a chance to shoot a new something today

a Marlin 39A lever-action .22. Similar to this picture of the new production

Owner believes is is a 1950's production
No checkering
Missing front sight hood
And at some point a previous owner installed a Lyman receiver sight, one with target adjustment knobs.
Ok, just found a much more similar picture:
This one had most of its bluing intact, and from the marks either wasn't used much or was very well-cared-for; the action was actually a touch tight still. That long barrel & mag tube would probably make Rep. McCarthy soil her undies, as it holds, as I recall 18 .22lr cartridges; that's a lot of levering to empty it. And see that knob on the side of the receiver? Unscrew it and the rifle separates, the action coming apart in left & right sides(left holds the bolt, right holds the lever & trigger & stock). Very tight lockup, no wiggle at all.

This was indoors at H&H this morning, so not the most helpful of rest & lighting for trying to check grouping, but if I did my part it kept all of two magazines worth in a 3" bull at 30 yards, what it'll do from a solid rest with better light would be interesting. I love aperture sights, and I become more fond of them with every passing year, the one on this was a compact unit that didn't spoil the lines and gave a very nice way to aim.

I would love to grab it and run like hell borrow such for further testing; maybe I'll get the chance later. A fine old rifle, it was.

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