Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Take a minute today and call/write your Senators and Rep

and ask them to look into what Codrea has been calling Project Gunwalker. I've mentioned it before, but the problem is greater now(as if' that's possible) because at least some of the Senators contacted just don't seem too interested, which is disgusting.

More at Sipsey Street, where Senators Jeff Sessions of Alabama, Saxby Chambliss of Georgia and Charles Grassley of Iowa are specifically named as being contacted, and, well,
Folks, this has been a frustrating morning. Senate staffers who have been completely briefed on the Project Gunwalker scandal over the last few weeks are deliberately not answering their phones. Others, including Charlie Harmon, the chief of staff of Saxby Chambliss, the U.S. Senator from Georgia, told one of his constituents, "We're on it." Yet, when pressed about the urgency of the matter, said "these guys need to get a lawyer."

No, Charlie, right now they need a Senator with a spine and a pair to do his damn job. The agents need a Senator to COME TO THEM. There are ongoing investigations, the main thrust of which, in my opinion, is to cover up the circumstances of Project Gunwalker and the death of Border Patrol agent Terry. To volunteer to go to the press during an ongoing investigation can end their careers or put them in jail themselves. Yet some are willing to do so, if forced by the inaction of your elected senators and representatives. The tools that the agency, Main Justice and the White House have at their disposal to shut these agents up are many and powerful. These guys need whistleblower protection NOW.

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