Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm wondering if the cold has frozen some brain cells(that they really can't spare)

in some people? It might explain some things. For instance,
A bit back, Congressman Steve Cohen was going on about getting a carry permit after the Tucson shooting. Now, he’s actually sponsoring the ban on standard capacity magazines. Also, he likens those that support repeal of Obamacare to Nazis. This guy’s fun to watch.
I guess he wants a carry permit but one that'll only allow substandard-capacity mags. And he didn't get the "You're not supposed to talk that way" memo, either.
Speaking of which, there needs to be a "You should not change what I actually said, especially when people actually KNOW what I said" memo:
The New York Times did this earlier, deleting Obama's line about whether incivil debate caused the Tucson shooting -- "It did not," Obama said, fairly directly, contradicting the New York Times' Narrative.
And now High Priestess of Advanced Dementia With Paranoid Complex Joan Walsh of Salon is pressed into the great duty of fixing her god's words so they agree with the prophecy.

Here's what Obama actually said:

Ah, MTV: no music videos except for very late night/early morning, and now this. As if another reason was needed not to watch it.

I don't write much on the subject of abortion. Whatever way you think on it, it should be a basic standard that clinics and doctors that perform them have to meet the standards for conduct, cleanliness, etc.; apparently PA didn't really care about those things:
The only exception to this live-and-let-die policy was supposed to be for complaints dumped directly on the department’s doorstep. Those, at least, could be investigated. Except that there were complaints about Gosnell, repeatedly. Several different attorneys, representing women injured by Gosnell, contacted the department. A doctor from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia hand-delivered a complaint, advising the department that numerous patients he had referred for abortions came back from Gosnell with the same venereal disease. The medical examiner of Delaware County informed the department that Gosnell had performed an illegal abortion on a 14-year-old girl carrying a 30-week-old baby. And the department received official notice that a woman named Karnamaya Mongar had died at Gosnell’s hands.

Yet not one of these alarm bells – not even Mrs. Mongar’s death – prompted the department to look at Gosnell or the Women’s Medical Society. Only after the raid occurred, and the story hit the press, did the department choose to act. Suddenly there were no administrative, legal, or policy barriers; within weeks an order was issued to close the clinic. And as this grand jury investigation widened, department officials “lawyered up,” hiring a high-priced law firm to represent them at taxpayer expense. Had they spent as much effort on inspection as they did on attorneys, none of this would have happened to begin with
This is disgusting stuff.

Speaking of disgusting, Rep. McCarthy's new gun/magazine ban bill includes some little surprises, like

We have the final language of the McCarthy Bill, as introduced in Congress. A key aspect to this proposed law, which I have not touched on before, is perhaps the most important aspect of it:

(v)(1)(A)(i) Except as provided in clause (ii), it shall be unlawful for a person to transfer or possess a large capacity ammunition feeding device.

The law begins with the default presumption that it is illegal to possess a “large capacity ammunition feeding device.” That you possessed the magazine prior to the ban would be an affirmative defense to the charge in court that you possessed a magazine with 11 rounds or more. You could be arrested and charged for possessing one, and be forced to prove in court that you owned it prior to the ban.
Remember when they call for “common ground,” and “common sense,” they want you in prison. They are at the height of their disingenuousness when they use this kind of language in the debate. If I were a lawyer, and I was your lawyer, I’d suggest the safe thing to do is throw all your magazines that hold 11 rounds or more in a river, along with your Henry Rifles, if you wanted to be completely safe from prosecution persecution in the even this bill were, God forbid, to actually pass.
And I've no doubt McCarthy would love to see people in prison simply for not being able to double-solid-swear-PROVE they owned a magazine before this piece of crap went through.

And please note that yes, this would ban a lot of rifles such as the Henry(the originals as well as reproductions), which is- from the gun bigot point of view- an 'improvement' on the Clinton AWB.

Ah, the wonders of the People's Republic of MA: the COP can suspend your firearms license because
Police Captain Robert Bongiorno said that Corcoran’s firearms license was suspended on the grounds of “suitability,’’ pending the results of an investigation into whether a comment Corcoran allegedly made online was intended as a threat in reference to the Jan. 8 shooting in Arizona that left six people dead and 13 wounded.

Eeek. This is a nasty flaw indeed, Kel-Tec better fix it fast.

More later, I need food.

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