Tuesday, January 18, 2011

City Councilmen Sam Bowman and Pete White: proof that gun bigots

reside in Oklahoma, too:
Oklahoma City councilman Sam Bowman made it clear at Tuesday's city council meeting where he stands on gun control. He favors it. Especially when it comes to assault rifles like the kind used last summer in an ambush that wounded city police officer Katie Lawson.

Bowman's stance and applause for Police Chief Bill Citty's call for registration of assault rifles got councilman Brian Walters standing up for the 2nd amendment. "I wanta commend our chief for not only the courage to step forward on this but to make such a statement," proclaimed Bowman who called them knock off military M-16 type rapid fire assault guns. "There's no place for that kind of weapon in our civil communities."

By the way, Chief Citty is the clown who announced a couple of years ago that he wants tighter rules and regulations on the sale of firearms and the registration of those firearms," Citty said.

Oh, but it's not an attack on the 2nd, oh no:
Bowman contended he's not attacking the 2nd amendment. "I would hope this would have nothing to do with the argument about 2nd amendment rights to bear arms. It's not about the right to own a weapon to protect your own home."
I'm very sure you HOPE it's not seen as the attack it is, but we see what you're doing and saying. And note the new goalpost: the right to own a weapon to protect your own home. "No, it's not an attack on the 2nd Amendment, it's just wanting to change what it means."

As to White,
City Councilman Pete White supported Bowman and Chief Citty. "Chief Citty needs to be complimented for the courage that it took to even bring that up," he said in referring to Citty's weekend comments calling for registration of such assault rifles.
So we've got a police chief and two councilmen who're first-class gun bigots who don't think we should be allowed to own guns that scare them, but will settle(for now) for registration.

I think we need a new COP and some new councilmen at the next election.

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