Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Gun reporting laws don't infringe on Constitution,"

Wilmington Department of Police Capt. Nancy S. Dietz assures us as her contribution to DelawareOnline's Constitution Day observance.

She tells us of the graduation ceremony for department recruits, "with the official recitation of the oath of office, which requires each new officer to swear to enforce all state and local laws and support the Constitution of the United States of America."
Sounds good, right? Except
Clearly, the principles enshrined in the Constitution have evolved, and the courts have provided changing interpretations of the law as society faces new challenges.
Ah, I see. A career "Only One" bureaucrat is using sleight of mind to stump for more "gun control"--and relying on those she addresses to not see through her artifice and know any better.

Here's where she's leading us:
Go take a look. Interesting, isn't it? She takes this occasion to tell a bunch of newby cops that what she and her bosses think about the Constitution is IT; and anybody who disagrees, well, they just don't care about safety and you being able to do your job...

I just remembered something and did a search; ah, I was right, Delaware really is a wonderful place for cops who don't really care about the law:
The Delaware State Police have been conducting secret background checks of some gun owners since 2001, a process known as "superchecks" that may violate federal law.

The checks have resulted in confiscation of weapons, some for legitimate reasons, but have subjected many citizens to a search of mental health records that in most cases police would be unable to access
I don't think I'd like living in Delaware under the authority of these clowns.

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Unknown said...

Not to point to fine a point on it, but remember Delaware is the State that elected and re-elected (foot-in-mouth plagiarist) Joe Biden SEVEN (7) TIMES (i.e., US Senator for 36+ years) to the US Senate.