Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And after the Stupid Party mouthed off last night and said it wouldn't support O'donnell

because she wasn't the proper kind of Stupid Party candidate, today
ANOTHER UPDATE: As I predicted last night, a reversal from the NRSC: “The National Republican Senatorial Committee will support the O’Donnell campaign, according to a statement that was just released by its chairman, Sen. John Cornyn.”

So last night’s comments simply did unnecessary damage. Next time, think twice before spouting off guys. You’re supposed to be the polished, professional insiders, remember?
You have to wonder how many "Screw you clowns, No money, No support No NOTHING since you can't bring yourselves to support the candidate we voted for!" phone calls it took for them to realize just how idiotic their announcement was?

And why it took any calls at all for them to get the idea?

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Unknown said...

Cornyn is a HUGE dispointment for us here in TX.   Well, for us _conservative_ types here in Texas.   The kick in the head for me was when Cornyn voted for Bush's TARP.   I believe Cornyn is working on his 2nd term in the Senate, thus that means he'll never quit now unless booted out?   I'm hoping the Tea Party here in TX will be willing to help push Cornyn to an early retirement?